dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Het Moet Onverstaanbaar #2

And after Het Moet Onverstaanbaar #1 came the second issue. Also printed by Knust and this time with contributions by Monobrain, Kapreles, Marcel Ruijters, Rael Mail, Marilyn Dammann, Claudio Parentela & David Aronson.

You may recall the review of HMO#1 back in SP#12 – well here’s more ├╝ber strangeness from those loveable Euro comix mental patients, and such pretty colours! Mother, do you like the pretty colours? Mother dear? See my drawing mother, I drew it just for you!” (Sick Puppy#13)

The second installment of the multi-colored art project featuring international contributors, Het Moet . . . #2 has the same feeling of drug-induced spontaneity as the first. Violent smears of ink and paint come together in often uncomfortable scenarios as Marcel Herms collaborates with Claudio Parentela, MonoBrain, Marcel Ruijters, and others to create expressionistic scenes of boredom, alienation, isolation, fear, and violence. Portrayed by strung-out spatters of caricature and collage, some pages of these wild situations are just stoned nonsense but others are quite effective ("He Entered the Bar with the Best Intentions" and the cat fight (?) on page 22 in particular). I don't know what the cash value of Het Moet . . . is, so send art instead. (PANISCUS REVUE)

Collected artwork from small press and mail art network regulars. Leans toward the violent and the grotesque. Offset printed in color throughout (Death Ship#1)

More chaos, really will take time if you want to comprehend every picture! Well done! (Infected By Dementia #2)
Collaboration with Claudio Parentela

Messy, splattered, collaged, schizophrenic, demented and utterly totally beautiful. Marcel Herms creates this (with a little help from a few collaborators). (Psionic Plastic Joy #8)

Collaboration with Marcel Ruijters

Euro Comics! Bizarre, intricate, ornate, yet sloppy, these aren’t sequential stories, but more like frenetic outbursts. There are allusions to stories, cryptic moments of plot like “he entered the bar with the best intensions”, but things seem to quickly fall apart after that. Drawings are splatters of blue, black, green and red. But the distorted and the grotesque are controlled, artful. An oddly precise outpouring of Euro-angst. Beautifully printed, these are worth checking out. (Broken Pencil #19)
Drawing by Kapreles (left) and collaboration with Rael Mail (right)

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