woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Het Moet Onverstaanbaar #3

The series of zines with the title “Het Moet Onverstaanbaar” ended with issue 3. This one had contributions by Claudio Parentela, Rael Mail, Kapreles, Anne Nomrowski, Monobrain, Gianni Simone, Sylvain Gérand, Syogo Yoshikawa, Dietmar Vollmer, AnneMiek Bibbe & Grady Roper.

Not content with spreading his violent, grotesque art through the net, Marcel Herms invites his friends to contribute and collaborate as well. The result is this full-color, offset printed beauty that will surely disturb all but the strongest stomachs. (Kairan #9)
Collaboration with Grady Roper
Third issue of Marcel Herms' artzine from Holland and stencilled by the printing collective Knust with the works of Marcel Herms and collaborations with a.o. Claudio Parentela (known from numerous anthologies and zines), Rael Mail (Dutch mail artist), Kapreles (guess who ?), Anne Nomrowski, Monobrain (Dutch madman and noisist), Gianni Simone, Sylvain Gérand (from the French zine L'Horreur Est Humaine), Syogo Yoshikawa (from hePAnILLILL .... etc. ....), Dietmar Vollmer, Annemiek Bibbe and Grady Roper (from the U.S. anticomics newspaper Proper Gander). Some works are reproduced in full colour, my collaboration is printed in bl/w with additional red subcolour -- very beautiful effect!!, pages in blue, red, green, .... ink. This artzine is probably only for the art brut fanatic. I guess people interested in "alternative" comics (nerds drooling on about Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware and other so-called innovative comicartists who are actually producing mainstream shit. Semi-intellectuals keep bitching that their work are graphic novels, with other words: good stuff for people who like to read books but prefer pictures with it because they are lazy fucks) will find this zine not very appealing but I might be wrong. Most comiclosers prefer a "story" with it, they want the artist "something to tell", like art on it's own is not interesting enough. I prefer one good drawing above any so-called graphic novel. If I want to read I read a book. I used to read graphic novels, some are quite okay, but they don't give me the same rush as art brut does. A graphic novel drawn in an art brut style is something that probably isn't done before though I would like to read it. Anyway, if you like chaotic insane primitive artstyles this will be your cup of tea. It sure is mine. Some works of Marcel Herms, especially the "Schizophrenic" comic, reminds me of the work of the Swiss artist M.S. Bastian. I don't like his art too abstract but he produced some fine pieces in the past and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. I don't know how many copies are made but to get yours you better act quickly. (Kapreles)

Ah, here's another publication on which a great deal of time and care no doubt went into its production. The work presented here is of the art brut variety and includes comix, collage, abstraction, lots of color and what appears to be lino- or woodcut. Between color covers by Marcel Herms and Grady Roper you'll find fascinating work from an assortment of international artists such as Claudio Parentela, Kapreles (in collaboration with editor Herms), Monobrain, Gianni Simone and others. One of my favorite pieces (in addition to the previously mentioned contributions) is Herms' two-page comix-style adaptation of Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia" – the art seems perfectly fitted. This stuff's crazy and very much in the same vein as projects by Marc van Elburg (Headhunter) previously reviewed here. It's crazy, but beautiful, and the production is amazing. Recommended. (Poopsheet)
Collaboration with AnneMiek Bibbe

This artzine done by Marcel Herms approved as a very qualitative publication inside scratchy colorfull illustrations with deep mind-quite provocative type, relative to life essences and truths. That is so attractive as his creating noise. Check this now! (Infected By Dementia #3)

Netherlander Marcel Herms and a few collaborators render high-anxiety visuals in bright colors, which makes them look like currency from some Dada dystopia. Loosely interprets Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia" and the Bobby Fuller Four's "I Fought the Law”. (Zine World #20)

Now that’s what I call an artzine! Nice, funny, beautiful, frightening, red green blue black and white drawings from all kinds of graphic artists printed on heavyweight paper. Good! (EmptyLetter)

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