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Het moet Onverstaanbaar #1

I wrote here before about the zines that I made with Monobrain but I also published a series of 3 issues with the title “Het Moet Onverstaanbaar” (it must be unintelligible). They were all printed by Knust.

The first issue had 24 pages of artwork by myself and contributions by/collaborations with Monobrain, Anne Nomrowski, Matthias Lehmann, Dietmar Vollmer, Kapreles,  AnneMiek Bibbe, & Zookie.

“It must unintelligible" is the translation of the title of this booklet. The front and back cover is a colourful work of figures in the art brut style. Inside the booklet, the schizophrenic world that is typical for art brut continues. Full page drawings and comics are collected in colour or black & white. It looks as a collection of expressionistic graphics and art brut or pictures drawn with an innocence of a child. All with a general dark atmosphere, this booklet is nuts and a very strong piece of work. The best there is which is available within Mail-Art.
(Sztuka Fabryka website)
collaboration with Matthias Lehmann

European underground comics are quite noticeably different to Australian or American ones. To put it very simply – they’re more abstract. In fact, this stuff strongly reminds me of art produced by mental patients, and that’s far from a negative comparison. This anthology is really special – full colour covers, some full colour pages inside, the rest is various single-colour pages. Text is in both Dutch and English. I love the dialogue too: Girl: “Your eyes are wonderful”, Boy: “Thanks. May I show you my glass eye collection?” and: “In 1958 two great writers met…. “Sick people are less frightening than well ones”. “And dead people are less frightening than live ones”. Het Moet Onverstaanbaar is simply enchanting.n(Sick Puppy#12)
Collaboration with AnneMiek Bibbe

These two Dutch productions (Burn, Knit & Erase + HMO #1) of underground graphix are great examples of just how creative an art form the zine can be. Printed on solid stock between heavier covers, nearly every page of these is a multi-colored full-bleed piece of work crammed with drawing, painting, collage, writing, pattern, and anything else that will fit. The artwork itself is rather crude, seemingly inspired by and created under the influence of the work and substances of choice of William Burroughs, Hunter Thompson, and underground comix, but in this format it has such an involving and kaleidoscopic effect that it works quite well. Marcel Herms and MonoBrain team up in Burn, Knit & Erase for a tale of a young man's voyage during the course of several radical life changes, while Het Moet Onverstaanbaar collects their work as well as that of contributors Anne Nomrowski, Matthias Lehmann, Annemiek Bibbe, Kapreles, and Dietmar Vollmer. I'm not sure what the prices are, so send a few bucks or something cool in trade. (PANISCUS REVUE)

Zwei (Burn, Knit & Erase + HMO #1) sehr geile Frickelhefte aus dem Holland. Wild, bunt, krickelig abstrakt (dat is dat wat man nich erkennen tut so ohne weiteres), antiautoritäres Collagenlayout, korrekte Verarbeitung (Pappdeckel) wirre, manchmal dadaistisch anmutende Kopfkunst. "Het moet onverstaanbaar" (Es bleibt unverständlich) mit einer ganzen Latte an verschiedenen Miterzeugern, "Burn, knit & erase" eine zweiköpfige Geburt von Herms und Monobrain (das passt ja jetzt) mit einer durchgehenden Storie ("a cruel sick bizarre story about a psychopath and his doctor") was durch die heftige Vermischung von Zeichnung, Collage, Farbe und Arschabdrücken durchaus nachvollziehbar ist. (Inside Artzine)
Collaboration with Kapreles

(…) outro exemplo de caos coloristaque pode subliñarse como un dos máis atractivos fanzines chegados, aínda que tamén o máis abstracto ou conceptual.”
(O Fanzine das Xornadas #8)

Oh Yeah, multicolour publication arrived from Holland. The cover seems to be painted by a six year old kid……and yes there are many paintings done by such primitive/simple way, but they are so well expressed! Fuck yeah cool!…noise chaos…haven't seen anything alike…recommended to those who like to strike their head into a pillar or to those who hold the pistol in their throats!” (Infected By Dementia #2)

Euro Comics! Bizarre, intricate, ornate, yet sloppy, these aren’t sequential stories, but more like frenetic outbursts. There are allusions to stories, cryptic moments of plot like “he entered the bar with the best intensions”, but things seem to quickly fall apart after that. Drawings are splatters of blue, black, green and red. But the distorted and the grotesque are controlled, artful. An oddly precise outpouring of Euro-angst. Beautifully printed, these are worth checking out. (Broken Pencil #19)

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