zondag 16 december 2012

Inside Artzine

INSIDE artzine #16 OUT NOW!!!!!!
International Artscum Magazine
Paintings · Digital Collages · Sculptures · Stories · Interviews · Reports · Reviews
from the gloomy side of art... the abyss.

Papermagazine, format A4 ( 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inch), 48 p., full color, offset, english, 5 Euro/6,55 USD

Andrew Zbihlyj (Canada), Autoreversgraphikart (France), Bastartworx (Germany), Ben Frost (Canada), Ben Newman (United Kingdom), Chris Mars (United States), Cristina Otero (Spain), Dan Verkys (Australia), Evan Campbell (United States), Jenz Dieckmann (Germany), Juha Helminen (Finland), Marcin Owczarek (Poland), Matt Lombard (United States), Marcel Herms (Netherlands), MxNihil (Germany), Pierk (Italy), R.S. Connett (United States), Rüdiger Saß (Germany), Seth Siro Anton (Greece), Sybille Lengauer (Germany), Tomoki Hayasaka (Japan), Trës Orb (France), Yang Xueguo (China)

(Gonzo) Interview: Beyond Hades - In the abyss with Seth Siro Anton, (Gonzo)Report: Art that will fuck you, Book & Magazin Reviews


Buy at: http://www.artscum.org (Artblog: New artists, mags & books, exhibitions, poster, prints, shirts)
direct shoplink INSIDE artzine: http://www.fallingsky.de/wordpress/?cat=110


INSIDE artzine, PO Box 2266, D-54212 Trier, Germany

Jenz used a work for this issue that I made long ago with Annemiek Bibbe:

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