maandag 2 juli 2012

[Image As Theme]

Some months ago resdatcom invited various soundartists to give their interpretation of a found image.
This is the image:

I sent my interpratation as Fever Spoor. These are the other artists that responded:
Moloch, Kasper van Hoek, Praying for Oblivion, Flutwacht, THF Drenching, Bloater and resonan.

The result is a very good, very diverse compilation. You can order your copy here: order

1             Moloch  – Die Gegenwart Ist Nur Das Echo Einer Erzwungenen Vergangenheit              
2             Fever Spoor – Drug Me                              
3             Kasper van Hoek – Een Hoofd Als Een Zure Appel                         
4             Praying For Oblivion – I.G. Farben-Pharmakos                 
5             Flutwacht – Untitled                    
6             THF Drenching – Les Fleurs Du Finimal (Kinder Dach Lieder 4a)                
7             Bloater – Halo                  
8             Resonan - Expiration

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