donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Screw, Crash & Explode

Some time ago I discovered (thanks to  Kapreles) that one of the publications that I made with Marc van Elburg a.k.a. Monobrain is reviewed in the book Fanzines by Teal Triggs. I quote: "This is a high-impact visual presentation of the most interesting fanzines ever produced."

It's all about an A5-size zine that was printed by KNUST with the title "Screw, crash & Explode". And this is what Teal Triggs writes about it: "the frenetic nature of each printed page is enhanced by the intensity of each drawing and the fullness of 'doodles', splotches and graphic marks."

I still have some copies of it for those who are interested….

This is what some others wrote about this publication:

Here's another mind-altering collaboration between Monobrain and Marcel Herms. It's a multi-colored affair (stencil-printed, I believe), each page an explosion of drawings and other graphics. Some pages appear to be Monobrain doodles with other things underneath and others appear to be jam drawings, all the while telling the story of a man condemned by technology. If this sounds like your cup of tea then you'll definitely want to contact Anima Mal Nata. Between the two of these guys, there's a whole lot of art brut for your lonely eyeballs. (Poopsheet)

This is an explosion that happens in about 4 colors. There isn’t much in the way of words and the art is very frenetic. It looks like they ran the pages through the copy machine several times, each layer adding a different color ink, so that a primitive silkscreen print quality is achieved. This zine seems like an interesting solution to not having access to expensive art making resource. Any how, back to the artwork. There are all types of lines and exposions of ink and strange splotches and random graphic images taken from unknown sources reeking havoc, colliding and separating. Overall the tone is one of a crowded mind sort of cracking open and the contents sort of landing where they will, everything on top of the other, with little reason and even less rhyme. Maybe that’s how things really are. (Proper Gander #43)

Well, so what hides under these three deeds? Or maybe firstly you would like to know who expressed those actions in various colours and different drawing forms? The answer is Marcel Herms and Monobrain – the two dutch noisicians doing some bizarre artwork too. If anyone have seen Anima Mal Nata and/or Monobrain/Truck van Rental releases you can easily imagine what these two brains and hands could do if jointed. The locution “difficult music for difficult people” fits to that stuff very well, but let’s throw out the word “music” and fit in tyhe word “art”, or better leave everything in it’s place and just add “art” (this zine) to the background! Now it’s really difficult and complicated. (Infected By Dementia #4)

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