maandag 22 augustus 2011

Collaboration with Kapreles

Earlier this year publisher XTRA published the book Ninja Sushi by Kapreles (Yves Albrechts). 

“Who doesn’t know them, the LSD drenched, largepored, bizarre creatures of the Belgian comic outlaw Kapreles? Of the Keith Haring of the Abnormal? The plumping, bluntly chopped monsters with their often Dadaistic-philosophical marching order? Large-sized figures, deeply black or gaudily colored, areas, and shadings that set your retina cells vibrating uncontrollably rhythmically while leafing through the book, and whose impacts you only really feel when you suffer your next fever attack. When you turn this book, you’ll notice that ‘comic’ doesn’t derive from ‘comical’, but from ‘cosmical’…
- Inside Artzine

In this book Kapreles included some drawings that he made with me. Here are some examples:

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